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Laser Praise! Exclusively at Enlightened Christian Center

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Laser Praise is a unique, one of a kind experience. Be prepared for a mouth dropping experience. Exclusively At Enlightened Christian Center! The Laser Praise Team ushers the anointing into each of our church services. They meet regularly to develop and prepare their gifts for ministry and for each service. They lead our congregation into the very presence of God as we seek His face during each Praise and Worship service. Laser Praise provides a unique blend of music from all genres of Christian sounds so you can enter into the presence of the Lord in ways like never before. Each singer and musician is on our team to lead worship. Their desire is to minister to you the participant and help you achieve what you are looking for…time in God’s presence. With a sincere Heart for Praising and Worshiping our God and Father, we understand and encourage the lifting of our hands in the presence of God as it is not just a requirement, it is a direction and instruction from God (Psalm 134:2) (KJV) “Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the LORD.” We hope to see you at one of our Praise and Worship services soon.