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Men Unlimited Life Group


Men Unlimited Life Group
When: 1st Sunday of Every Month
Where: Enlightened Christian Center
Time: 9:00 a.m.

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The Men Unlimited Life Group provides necessary male fellowship for men during its monthly Life Group sessions. It is a time of spiritual strengthening and conditioning for men who want to go further in their walk with God. This group allows men to discuss the tough issues that guys face with women, careers, family, sex, power and much more.  Men have a purpose in God’s church. Men Unlimited is designed to help them reach it by giving them the forums, the teams and the tools, to help them succeed. One moment in our Enrichment Course and any man will learn just how important he is to God, His family and to this world. The open dialog format allows all of the men to participate and help shape the lives of every man present. We work as a team to build the lives of every man present so each man can know that he is a part of a team that changes lives forever.  Come join us at our next Men Unlimited Men’s Group meeting, outing or Enrichment Course.