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The Anointing of Favor

You have The Anointing of Favor on your life.  With this anointing, you are never in a circumstance that cannot not be changed or rearranged to your benefit.

In this awesome teaching, Dr. Bryant K. Bell teaches you about how the Anointing of Favor is always working in your life to make things work out for you.  There are so many things that are working in your life to ensure your success.  Maybe you lost a job or had a setback.  Just remember, the favor of God is empowering you to regain meaningful employment and get back to you set place of success.  With favor, you can rest assured that you are never going to lose.  You might experience some changes, but you will never be at a complete loss.  Learn from this valuable video the impact favor is having in your life to better your situation even when you think all is lost.  Enjoy!