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Standing Perfect in the Will of God

Do ever wonder why you constantly miss the mark when it comes to the things of God? Does it seem as if you are always having problems in your life? If so, Standing Perfect in the Will of God is just right for you.

Knowing the will of God for your life will eliminate many of the things that are hindering your breakthroughs and harvests.  God wants you to stand perfect and complete in His will. When you do the will of God, the will of God works. In this video, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how you can start standing perfect in the will of God. God wants you to know His will, be in His will, remain in His will, and do His will regardless of the situations that you face in your life. Begin to know Gods’ will for your life by getting the will of God built into your spirit and by learning how to set your life aside to do God’s will and His will only.  To download the entire series for only $3.00, Click Here.