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Power From On High

Looking to walk in a stronger anointing? Are you interested in possessing the spiritual strength God designed for you to have?  You need Power From On High.

In this free video, Power from on High, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you you can unleash the power of the Holy Spirit by giving you in depth teaching on His capabilities inside you. This video will instruct you how to walk in power to overcome any challenge and change your life. God’s power is not limited to heaven.  He gave us power here on earth.  You are not just some helpless creature waiting for the worst to happen. You are more than a conqueror.  God enabled you to be a victor in every trial of life.  You have an empowerment on the enside of you.  Once you tap into this power you can truly experience being a world over-comer.  Enjoy!  To order the entire series, Click Here.