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Increasing Your Financial Potential

Increasing your financial potential is easy.  Learn how when you watch Increasing Your Financial Potential by Dr. Bryant K. Bell

What gives the believer power to get wealth? Is it our jobs? Is it our diplomas? According to the word, only God can give us the power to get wealth. Did you know that wealth is the will of God for your life. The level we receive is up to us and the faith we have. Wealth has no number and no dollar figure.  In this free video, Increasing Your Financial Potential, Dr. Bryant Bell reminds us that the same gospel that heals you and helps you change your character can also help you improve your finances. God gives us this wealth for one reason….to establish His covenant in the Earth.  When we make a decision to be wealthy for that purpose, we are on our way to increasing our financial potential. To download this entire series for only $3.00, Click Here.