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How to Pray for the President

Whether you live in a Red State or a Blue State, God requires His children to pray for the leaders of their nations.  How to Pray for the President shows you how you can be a part of a growing segment of Christians who still believe in the power of prayer for our nation’s Commander in Chief.

In this video, How to Pray for the President, Dr. Bryant Bell teaches you how to stand in prayer for the President of the United States.  You will also learn the will of God concerning prayer for the President or leader of any land. This series will specifically teach you what the Word of God says is our responsibility in ensuring that a president is properly covered by the prayers of the righteous. You never have to be worried that a particular party is going to cause problems for our nation.  God requires us to simply pray.  If we would simply pray, God will have permission to move the hear of our leaders and change the direction of our nation. This video is bipartisan and can be used to pray for a president regardless of political affiliations.  This video does not represent any political views.  It only discusses the prayer from a Biblical world view.  Enjoy!  To download the entire lesson for $3.00, Click Here.