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Children’s Interactive Children’s Church

What: Children’s Interactive (Children’s Church and Nursery)
Where: Designated Classes by Age
When: Every Sunday and Wednesday During Regular Services and on some special events
Ages: 4 to 6 Years and 7-12 Years

Children’s Interactive is our Children’s Church. It is designed to help your child develop an interactive relationship with Christ through a hands-on approach to praise & worship, prayer, and life application. The Teachers and Assistances of this age group of 4 to 12 years of age are excited to have a part in the growth of the children as they prepare for their teenage years into adult years. Children’s Interactive is a fun learning environment centered around Christian principles and the truth of God’s Word. The Children love that they can have “Children’s Church” as it is often called. It is theirs to praise God like they like to, full and energy and “Joyful Noise” LOL. Children’s Interactive Children’s Church meets every Sunday Morning during regular church hours and Every Wednesday Evenings during regular Evening service at Enlightened Christian Center. We are not babysitters. Every task, song, praise, skit and game is specifically designed to teach your child the Word of God on their level. Don’t be surprised if your child starts encourage you, and begins to teach you and others the Word.