The Perfect Church Experience!

Enlightened Christian Center Church in Marietta is a growing non denominational church located in Marietta, GA.  We are close to Kennesaw, Acworth, Mableton, Atlanta, Smyrna, Cartersville and Woodstock.  Our church services families in Cobb, Fulton, Bartow and Cherokee counties.  We also serve families in all over the world through our Internet ministry. Take a moment to watch a few videos or browse our site.  We hope you decide to join us in one of our upcoming services.  We look forward to meeting you. For Apple and Android users, download our free app:For directions to our church, Click Here.

Enlightened Living Videos
with Drs. Bryant & LySandra Bell

  • Wedding_rings

    A Few Things I Learned in 28 Years of Marriage

    in this teaching, “A Few Things I Learned in 28 Years of Marriage”, Dr. Bryant K. Bell tea…

  • Christ Youth Culture

    The Christ Youth Culture

    Today’s youth are struggling with their faith because of all the interference from the sec…

  • One Prayer 3

    Are You Doing This?

    People all over your city have been doing this in the privacy of their own home.  Here is…

  • r3SS-uRR-3cT-shun


    We all have an activation code that has been used to make our lives in Christ completely f…

  • Dr. LySandra 3

    Dispelling the Myths About Biblical Prosperity PT 2

    The enemy want you to think you don’t have the ability to prosper.  In this teaching, you…

  • Praise Dance

    Amazing Praise Dance

    This is how we praise dance at Enlightened Christian Center.  It’s high energy, exciting …

  • LySandra Pic

    Dispelling the Myths About Biblical Prosperity

    Dr. LySandra takes a moment to explain the truth about Biblical Prosperity.  Regardless o…

  • J-Nice

    Charged Up

    If you enjoy Christian Rap, our Performing Arts Ministry can really flow.  Listen along …

  • Enlightened Praise Experience

    Enlightened Praise Experience

    The Enlightened Christian Center Praise experience is a unique blend of high energy praise…

  • Moving Forward Broadcast

    Moving Forward

    Do you have big plans for your life? Nothing happening? Feeling discouraged about things n…

  • The Purpose of Salvation

    The Purpose of Salvation

    Not sure about The Purpose of Salvation? Dr. Bryant K. Bell shows you in The Word “The Pu…

  • GV Conference

    Enhanced By Grace

    Join Dr. LySandra Bell for the Gentle Virtue Women’s Conference, “Enhanced By Grace” at En…